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Denise Holbrook


Denise Holbrook began her writing career as a writer/photographer/editor for a weekly newspaper chain in the Lake Okeechobee region of Southwest Florida, covering everything from anniversary celebrations to investigative pieces on trust fraud and illegal activity in the fishing tournament industry. She quickly learned how to research and write compelling stories, whether covering a rodeo or a drug plane crash. Her editorial columns for the Lehigh Acres Citizen and in Gulf Coast Woman ran the gamut from political commentary to the ups and downs of raising a family. She was privileged to publish character profiles of some of Lee County's most interesting citizens. She is the author of Doors, a children's book.

She believes there's a great story in everything, if you tell it right. Denise was honored to receive the first place award for fiction in the Gulf Coast Writers Association 2012 writing contest.

Whatever your story or writing project, she'd love to help you bring it to life.

Denise Holbrook
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