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BOOKS by T.M. Jacobs

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Paco: A Collection of Short Stories


Intrigue. Macabre. Revenge. Goodness. Penance.
Can such diversity find commonality in the pages of one book? Yes—when the book contains short stories that invite the imagination, plumb the darkness of the human soul, and reveal the kindness found in the human heart. Paco: A Collection of Short Stories is that book.

· Paco: A young man washing his clothes at a coin-operated laundromat gets coerced into committing a robbery
· My Penance: The Diary of the Old Leatherman: A reputation destroyed and love lost force a man to spend his life in self-punishment
· Ghost Music: A haunting melody entices a young man’s fancy and drives him to do the unthinkable
· The Devil’s Whisper: Rejected by his fiancé, a man is torn between wanting the best for her and doing the worst to her
· Memories to Ashes: An elderly man loses his wife to the ravages of Dementia—or does he?
· The Sound of White Noise: A parachutist making his first jump, steps out of a plane and into a fog—but where does he land?

These riveting stories will make you ponder the meaning of life, the spiritual realm, the afterlife, and so much more!

Ava, I'm Sorry


Jack Hendricks was raised “tickling the ivories” as his mother put it. He has a passion for music, especially Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, and he knows God has a plan for him. A plan he can’t quite figure out. His most desired passion is to find love. Will he find it overseas while in the Army? Will he find it in a place he never thought to look? What is God’s plan for Jack Hendricks? Find out in this contemporary love story told in the nostalgic storytelling format. 


The Little Book of Writing Advice


Don’t let the title fool you. This little book has a ton of advice. Whether you’re a novice writer or a seasoned author, The Little Book of Writing Advice is for you. It is full of practical guidance, motivation, a bit of how-to, and hopefully some ideas that will ignite your creativity. Give it a read, then get writing!

Necropolis Knights: The Gravetime Society of Seven Cemetery



Horror fiction - Shortly after moving from Maine to the small town of Killingstown, Connecticut, a young boy meets up with a group of boys who would change his life. They begin to spend their summer evenings in the Seven Cemetery which comes with an evil past. When Valerie, known as Silent Storm shows up, things only get more bizarre. As they dabble in voodoo, dig up a grave, and pledge their allegiance to the cemetery, the leader of the group, Rick Lawson, known as Phantom, conducts the ultimate sacrifice. Fifteen years later, the group is summoned back to the cemetery. Will this be their last gravetime or will it unleash a whole new terror?



The Little Black Book of SINS


Horror fiction - Clifford Swanson was not much of a reader but when a strange leather-bound book caught his attention he couldn’t resist. It turned out to be about a dark sin he committed. Realizing the book was a curse, he quickly passed it off to Mary Kate Bowman, a complete stranger. She in turn passed the book off to Steven Striker. From there it went to Benjamin Howe, Susan Crass, and Daniel Moss. What sins did they commit? How did the author of the strange leather-bound book know this? And more importantly, who will Daniel pass the book off to next?



A Peek Into The Past: A Collection Of Lee County Historical Articles - Vol. II




A Peek Into The Past is a collection of historical articles that cover Sanibel Island, Captiva Island, Fort Myers Beach, and the city of Fort Myers. It includes previously published articles and some never-before-published articles.




A Peek Into The Past: A Collection Of Lee County Historical Articles - Vol. I




A Peek Into The Past is a collection of historical articles that cover Sanibel Island, Captiva Island, Fort Myers Beach, and the city of Fort Myers. It includes previously published articles and some never-before-published articles.



The 1864 Diary of Union Civil War Soldier Samuel E. Grosvenor: A first-hand account of the horrors at Andersonville Prison



This was originally titled "Almost Home" and published in 2011. It was updated and rereleased in 2015. This is the transcription of Samuel E. Grosvenor’s diary from his time with the 16th Regiment, Company B, as they were encamped at Plymouth, North Carolina, and then taken by the Confederate Army and imprisoned at Andersonville. Throughout 1864 and his time as a POW, Grosvenor shares his thoughts on the war, his faith in God, the inhuman environment of the prison, the weather, the food (or lack of), to his expressions of joy of being released in December and being reunited with family and friends. Throughout the diary is a narrative compiled from other sources shedding more light on the events that he makes note of along with many pictures including some rare photos taken during the war and of Grosvenor’s homestead in Guilford, Connecticut.




H.E. Heitman: An Early Entrepreneur of Fort Myers, Florida




This book highlights Harvie E. Heitman's accomplishments through his building and business success. He became known as the "father" of Downtown Fort Myers architecture. This book includes the histories of The Bank of Fort Myers, The Arcade Theater, The Bradford Hotel, The Earnhardt building, and his relationships with George Shultz, Terry "Tootie" McGregor, and Thomas Edison. Many never before published photos of Fort Myers from two private collections.



Milestones & Memories: The History of St. George Parish Community Church




A complete history of Catholics in the town of Guilford, Connecticut, their places of worship, and a brief history of the town Green.




Basic Tips & Information on Research, Writing & Self-Publishing




This was a short text manual to coincide with a class I was teaching for a couple of years. It has been updated a few times and was offered as a course through JWC Publishing.




Goodspeed's Folly: The Life of William Henry Goodspeed and his Opera House




This title chronicles the life of William Goodspeed who in 1876 built a Victorian opera house in East Haddam on the Connecticut River. Appended to the book is an updated (1996, original 1977) "A Brief History of East Haddam, CT" by Karl P. Stofko, DDS and Rachel I. Gibbs.

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