It's Time to Transform and Multiply Your Business TODAY!

What can a book do?


It can change your life.

It can impact the world.

For a business owner and entrepreneur, it can transform and multiply your business!


Are you a speaker, coach, consultant, or trainer, and want more business? Want to receive more referrals, have longer retention with potential clients, and reach a wider audience? Then you absolutely must write a book. And we can help!


Here are some benefits of having a book:


  • You are instantly the expert in your field

  • You can use your book to build your database

  • Your book can get you in the door and in front of whom you want to meet

  • You can multiply your efforts

  • Statistics show that people will forget everything you say within 30 days – a book keeps your message at the forefront of their mind

  • You can speak in other languages without being bilingual

  • Your book is the perfect upselling tool


No more excuses of “I don’t have time to write a book” or “I don’t know how to write a book.” We’re here to help you get through all of that. Let the book in you come out so the rest of the world can benefit from your message!


Without question, having a book is an integral part of your career. The only question now is when you are going to take action and produce that book?




Contact Tim Jacobs at tjacobs@jacobswc.com and get your book started today!


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