Editing and ghostwriting is not all about books and novels. It is also about business – your business. It’s important to potential clients that you have the right wordage to convey what your company does or offers.


Content in your blog posts and on your website needs to be clean and to the point. Having an error, something as little as a misspelling or no comma, can cause a potential client to wonder if there are errors when it comes to your product or service. This is where JWC can help. There’s an old saying, make sure all the “I”s are dotted and all the “T”s are crossed; but in reality that can’t be further from the truth. Let the team at JWC make sure that the correct words are right and the right words correct.


Blogs are certainly an important and integral part of your website and business. It’s a great tool for sharing information, letting customers know what you do, and why they may need your product or service. Blogs are often shared throughout social media platforms, so you need to make sure that your message comes across clear and concise. At JWC, we not only edit your blogs, we can help you write them.


In today’s technology world, this is probably 90% likely where a new customer is going to find your business and more importantly learn about your business. Let us ensure your text is correct and you’re conveying the message you wish to share with your prospective customers.


Article writing is perhaps the most common writing done by freelance writers. Having your articles edited prior to sending them in to the editor of the publication will certainly give you an edge on the competition. Keep in mind, most editors of a publication are content editors, they decide on what submissions are going into which issue. They seldom edit spelling and grammar.

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