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One Day or Day One - You Decide

Two words together with vast differences in their meaning. Are you a “One Day” person when it comes to writing? Do you dream about writing, picture yourself sitting at your desk feverishly tapping on your laptop while sipping coffee? Do you often share with friends and family your story or idea that has been kicking around in your head for years, saying “One day I’ll write my book?” When is that “one day?” Is it when you retire? Is it when the kids go off to college or leave home? Let me guess, it’s when you have the time to write it. The sad truth is “the time” never comes. The so-called thing of life gets in the way. Other priorities fall into place. The unexpected can, will, and does come up. But not so for the “Day One” writers.

They’re a different breed, but you can join this group now simply by making your writing a priority. The “Day One” writers made a decision, set a goal, and took action. An hour of writing time is more productive than an hour of television. We’ve said many times before, 500 words a day equals 182,500 words a year. That’s 730 manuscript pages! Can you write 500 words in an hour? I’m thinking you can!

There really is no such thing as “One Day” because there is no guarantee of a tomorrow—just a simple fact. Our birth certificates don’t come with an expiration date. I love the quote by author Isaac Asimov, “If my doctor told me I had only six minutes to live, I wouldn’t brood. I’d type a little faster.” Writers at some point in their lives knew it was time to write. Maybe they picked a day or made a new year’s resolution; either way, they marked on their calendar “day one” and began writing.

Nobody gets anywhere in life wishing and dreaming, but everyone gets to a destination through planning and taking action. So, turn your “one day” into “day one” and start writing now! Make a decision to write every day, set a word count goal, team up with a fellow writer and hold one another accountable. If not now… when?

We look forward to reading your book!

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