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I don’t know about you, but I want the children in my life to develop an appreciation for art. One of the best ways to do that is to expose them to quality illustrations.

Among a sea of books in Ollie’s (a discount store), Jane Foster’s First Words really stood out. Too bad they didn’t have her other titles, or I would have bought them all! Talk about quality.

This beautifully rendered book has elegant and easy to recognize illustrated objects. Each shiny print is slightly raised and placed on a matte backdrop, making a nice contrast. Between the ages of seven and twelve months, it’s vital to have some sturdy books that have just one object per page in your child’s library. As you point and name each picture to your child, they will begin to associate the word with the object. When they get older, they will take delight in naming the images themselves.

Foster is an author, illustrator, and textile designer who lives in South Devon. According to her website, her purpose in life is to bring joy into other people’s life by creating happy illustrations. She certainly achieved that goal and will again in a few days when my granddaughter Hazel receives this in the mail.

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