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Why Enter a Writing Contest?

One of the best ways to move your writing career to the next level is to enter writing contests. Here are 10 reasons to enter.

Word count

Most contests have word counts so you may find yourself writing more words then you ever thought possible or sending in a 100 word flash fiction piece.


Use deadlines as motivation; after all if you miss them you can’t enter, let alone win.


Challenge yourself by entering some contests with themes. This helps to get your creative juices flowing and prevents you from becoming a one-trick writer.


Study the past winning entries, not only will it make for some great reading it will help you understand what grabbed and kept the judge’s attention—aka, a page turner.


As you prepare your piece you will self-edit and learn to view your writing with a critical eye.

Hone your skills

The more you write the better you become. If you study your craft it will improve one hundred-fold.


Besides prizes and bragging rights, it will look great on your CCV. Fun

The best reason of all. Try entering a picture prompt or a 24-48 hours contest and have a blast.


Once you hit the send button your anticipation starts to whirl. You begin to think about winning and what that can do for your writing career. So, take that energy and keep writing.


Before you know it you will have a collection of stories. Collection = manuscript = book.

That's why we decided on run a contest. We wanted to create an outlet where writers have a chance to get noticed, make connections, and move forward in their writing career. But you can’t win if you don't enter. So, enter today and Good Luck!! We look forward to reading your entry.

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