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Astronomy for babies? You bet. Hello, World! Solar System by Jill McDonald Is out of this world! STEM books for children are all the rage and this one may single-handedly create a generation of outer space enthusiasts.

A real attention grabber, I discovered it among hundreds of other board books at the library. At four months old, Hazel (my fifth granddaughter) was enamored as it took us through the solar system and we ended up reading it five times! I have to admit, I’m generally not a fan of collage style art but the vibrant illustrations of celestial masses are absolutely stunning. Some of you will relate when I say it warmed my heart that it included Pluto as a (dwarf) planet.

I since bought a copy for my youngest granddaughter, Chloe (2months) because she’s at the age where high-contrast images really appeal to her. With its engaging questions and extra fun facts it will definitely “grow” with her. If you buy only one non-fiction book for your baby, make it this one.

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