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Writing a Children's Book?

Useful Information for children’s Authors

Where to find Illustrators: This is a challenge many authors face. The following is a list of resources where you can connect with an illustrator. Be sure to do your homework and check out their credentials prior to signing a contract with them. If you’re picked up by a traditional publisher, they will provide an illustrator for your book.




4. Local art students

5. Writing groups

6. Photo stock sites

7. Small press publishers

8. Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators

Where to print your book: This is another challenge in today’s world of print on demand (POD), and small press publishers. Always request a sample of the trim size, style, page color/weight, and page count so you have an idea of what your book will look like in book form.

1. Create Space (free to upload files and post to Amazon)

2. Lighting Source

3. Small Press Publishers Note: always do your homework.

4. Going with a printer: The idea behind going with a printer is the more you print (buying in bulk) the cheaper the price per book. Many writers use printers in Canada or China for better pricing. Ninja printers is based in America and is a go between a printer in China.

5. Get an agent: Manuscript Wish List, lists agents accepting queries.

6. Traditional publishers

Use the links below to find a list of publishers open to unsolicited manuscripts

How to promote/sell your book: This is the million-dollar question, particularly for those who self-publish. Promoting and selling your book takes time, effort and thinking outside the box. Remember, if you’re excited about your book, others will be too. Keep in mind whether you self-publish or have a traditional publisher, it is up to you to promote your book. Here are some useful ideas:

Book fairs

Books signings

Schools (make sure you give a form to the school for children to take home and

order books before your visit the school)


Libraries: most libraries have a form for authors requesting them to carry

your book.

Local book stores: Copperfish Books (located in Punta Gorda) has a small

section for local authors; PJ Boox (Fort Myers) is a bookstore exclusively

for independent writers.

Create an author Facebook page for your books

Don’t forget, you get a lot more traction using Facebook Live and videos.

YouTube: make a video of you reading your book.


Create an email list. One great way to do this is to have a raffle at your book

fair or book signing. For a chance to win something, they fill out a slip of

paper with their name and email address.

Novelty shops and special gift stores may carry your book depending on the

subject matter.

Enter your book in a contest:

Writing a children’s book? Get a one-hour consultation, critique, and edit of your manuscript* for only $99 with Jacobs Writing Consultants. This is a limited time offer.

Start writing your book today – children are waiting to read and hear your story!

*up to 1000 words

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