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Why Hire Editors in the Age of Spell Check?

Spell check. This handy little tool has helped many students, business professionals, and other writers handle grammar and spelling, a job done by trained editors. However, spell check doesn’t take into account the different factors that require a human touch, including informal or formal tone, colloquial usage, homonyms and their correct places, and human error.

Informal and Formal Tone

What would you think of a blog post that started with a thesis? You would (correctly) assume that the tone was too formal for a blog post. Blog posts are not theses. Does spell check know the difference between a written blog post (like this) or a formal thesis? It can’t! A trained editor like the staff at Jacobs Writing Consultants can adapt the tone of your document if needed. They help you reach your audience at their level.

Colloquial Usage

As editors, we come across informal pieces, typically fiction, that require the use of slang. Slang has its own grammar and spelling rules. Spell check would not know the difference; it would mark the dialogue as incorrect spelling. These little pieces of language help an author set the correct tone and are also used as a way to bring the reader into the piece. Without an editor who can differentiate between slang used for a purpose and spelling error, readers may become lost in the process.


Editors, by their nature, are great at grammar and spelling. They have a natural knack for noticing grammar errors that may pass by an untrained eye. Homonyms are the biggest offender for both native and non-native writers. To, too, and two can be easily misplaced or mixed up. An editor will know what you are trying to say and what will make your document read the correct way. A misplaced ‘to’ can be a great way to confuse and puzzle your readers. Don’t leave that up to chance; hire an editor!

Human Error

Human error happens to everyone — it is part of being human! An editor will take the time to sift through the layers of your piece that need to be evaluated and checked for the tiniest of errors, such as a misplaced comma, period, or a single letter, creating a misspelled word. Spelling check doesn’t account for the placement of a word, even if it is correctly spelled. Thus, you could write a sentence with an extra word, thus changing or hindering the meaning of the sentence.

Spell check is a great tool that helps writers of all trades. It cannot replace the trained eye of an editor who can easily and efficiently find grammar and spelling issues in your novel, short story, or textbook. You know that you want to have a great piece, so let Jacobs Writing Consultants help you edit your story.

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