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Time to Overcome Writers Block

Time To Overcome Writers Block

Writers block. We’ve all been there, so here is a list of really, cool unique ideas to get those juices flowing.

Join Prose


Prose describes itself as “a digital collection of poetry and prose, written by you. Read by everyone.” Every week Prose posts a new writing prompt. What’s more, the winner of the challenge receives a cool hundred dollars. Now that’s a great incentive. But wait, there’s more; members can place their own writing prompts and while you don’t win any money for participating in these, they’re fun and will give you tons of ideas.

Essential Oils

Before I start writing, I put a few drops of essential oil in my diffuser. Not only does it make the house smell fantastic, it supports my creative energy. Just make sure you use healthy safe oils. I personally use Doterra Essential Oils. Don’t worry if you don’t have a dissfusser. You can inhale it straight from the bottle or dab a drop on your wrists. Here’s a list of oils that foster creativity: Peppermint, Sandalwood, Grapefruit, Jasmine, Lemon, Frankincense, and Cinnamon.

Word of the Day

Did you know that statistically the larger your vocabulary the more money you will earn in your life time? So, I recommend you download a free word of the day app on your phone. Every morning you receive

a new word including its pronunciation, definition, and the word being used in a sentence. Now, I am sure you’ve heard don’t use a word if you’re unsure of its meaning; but that shouldn’t stop you from learning new words. Then, just for fun write a poem or short story using the words you learned over the course of the week.

Go to a Museum

Every time I go to an art museum I see an art student or two sitting in front of a masterpiece with their sketch pads out. So here is my challenge to you, go to a museum, bring a notebook, find a piece of art that inspires you, and start writing. What is this piece of art telling you? What’s the story behind it? Some of my best pieces were born using this technique. Can’t get to a museum? Look for art pieces online.

Take a Writing Class

You can’t tell your professor, “Sorry, I didn’t do the homework because I have writer’s block.” Well okay, you can, but you would receive a big fat ‘F’ for a grade. I am currently enrolled in a creative writing class at my local community college. Not only is it getting me in the habit of writing every day, my mind is exploding with new ideas.

Join a Writing Group

This is my personal favorite to get and stay motivated. In one group, we take turns running it. It kept things fresh as everybody has a different approach and agenda. One woman brought a basket full of objects she found at a thrift shop and we had to pick an object out of the basket and write about it for twenty minutes.

How do you overcome writers block?

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