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Venice Book Festival Is A Washout

Venice Book Festival Is A Washout

Saturday March 19 was the Venice Book Festival. It’s an annual event that brings writers, authors and even some publishers from the area and out of state together for a day of promoting your work and meeting new people. This past Saturday was no different than previous years.

I had the pleasure of traveling from Fort Myers to Venice with a client of Jacobs Writing Consultants – Angelina Assanti. She’s authored three titles so far (working on her fourth) and has built a loyal following in the Venice area. Our ride up was brain-storming her new book, as well as my first foray into writing fiction. When our conversation turned to music, Angelina totally missed our exit. I think it was from her shock and disbelief that I’m not an Eagles fan; although I do like the solo efforts of Joe Walsh, Don Henley and the late Glenn Frey.

After backtracking, we made it to Venice and found our location in the park. We quickly set up our books, business cards and signs. Immediately there was a good amount of foot traffic and we met some old acquaintances and made some new ones. I set out and made the rounds visiting with other authors and vendors to do some networking then stopped in at the Bistro in the Old Venice Hotel and got us some breakfast sandwiches. No sooner are we done eating and the sky turned gray then dark within a minute.

The rain began and quickly turned into a serve thunder storm. Our first plan of attack was to wait out the rain, after all this is Florida and the rain storms tend to pass fairly swift. Once the rain lets up we had discussed attending a class for writing memoirs. Unfortunately Mother Nature had a totally different idea. With the rain not letting up, we packed up and ran through a monsoon to get back to the car.

As the rain continued to lash across the area, we hunkered down in the car and once it let up a bit began our drive home.

We still have every intention and going back next year and look forward to it!

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