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How to Land Blogging Gigs

Ever thought about earning some extra cash writing blogs but don’t know where to start? There is a huge demand for bloggers because a lot of businesses start out with a bang on their social media but over time blogging goes on the back burner. This is where you can come in and shine.

Six tricks of the trade:

Step 1) Make a list of all businesses you use, like and trust. Who does your hair? Where do you get your car fixed? What small mom and pop businesses do you shop at? Which friends of yours are artists? Musicians? Who does your taxes? What’s your favorite hangout? Don’t forget to go through your contact list in your phone. Who owns a business? Reach out to friends and family and ask them which businesses they use, like and trust.

Step 2) Visit their websites and check out their blogs.

Step 3) Analyze the topics they cover, how often do they post, what’s their average word count, do they use images? Note where can they improve. Look for errors, are they repetitive?

Step 4) Write a professional email to the contact you have in that business and outline the weaknesses of their blog posts and how you can improve them. Be prepared to share samples of your work.

Step 5) Work out an agreement in which you take over their blog—content, posting, and images. Allow them to respond to comments themselves, unless you work that into your agreement.

Step 6) Start writing!

Frequent blogging helps business with their ranking in algorithms. It also shows existing and potential clients they are up to date and are the experts in their field.

For you, it’s a paying writing gig!

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