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My Little Island

What a delight!

Everyone should read “My Little Island,” not only to learn about Caribbean culture but for the sheer bliss of it.

The prose is so well written you’ll feel like your dancing across the pages to calypso music. In fact, everything about this book shouts “joy” as you travel with two young boys visiting the turtle shaped island.

Wander through the vibrant illustrations detailing houses so colorful they look like rainbows on hilltops. Meander in sweet-smelling forests bursting with jasmines flowers and meet families on their hand-crafted fishing boats.

Join the boys as they snorkel, frolic with giant iguanas and eat fried bananas.Pulsating with energy, the narrative accumulates at a festival where their “toes barely touch the ground” as they dance into the night.

Go ahead and explore “My Little Island.”

You’ll be glad you did.

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