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SOS... My Muse Is Drowning!


You’re in a writing frenzy because the voices in your head (ideas) won’t shut up and are begging to be released. What’s more is your daily word count is off the charts. The scenes are unfolding like a Johnny Depp Pirates of the Caribbean movie and you can barely keep up. Things couldn’t be better and you’re dreaming about the day your name will be on the New York Times best sellers list.

Then BAM! It all stops.

Where did the muse go? Did she elope with your get-up-and-go? Are they giving birth to the next Hemingway, leaving you high and dry? Don’t abandoned ship just yet for your creativity isn’t shipwrecked but merely dormant.

If you find yourself on a desert island, use the time wisely and build a sandcastle. How? Read your manuscript out loud and ask yourself:

1. Did you start with conflict? Yes? Great, you got them hooked!

2. Don’t let go… does every scene move the story forward? No? Then Strike it out.

3. Most importantly, did you create characters your readers care about? You wouldn’t go

out on a second date with someone you’re not connecting to, would you? So, don’t expect your readers to turn the page if they’re not feeling it.

When your muse finds you ready at the helm, she will soon put the wind back in your sail.

Then you’ll be on the New York Times best sellers list in no time.

Need more inspiration? Try these three things:

1. Play Storymatic, besides being super fun, it’s the best way to unblock writers block!

3. Use Scrivener. The best writing tool ever in our opinion!

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