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How to Post Your Blog

We all know that blogs are an important element to your website. Simply by making a blog post you’re keeping your website active, which helps it with the ranking used by Google and other hosts. Blog posts are a great way to increase traffic to your website. Everyone wants a bit more information on a topic that interests them. In a mere 400 words or more, you can share a tip, useful knowledge, a funny incident (topic related), or a success story. But what about actually posting the blog content?

If you’re like me, you write a blog post and then immediately post it to your website and share it to social media. You’re looking forward to seeing all the “reaches” and “open link” counts and “retweets” you get. Here’s some sage advice from social media guru, Maryanne Cipressy of What’s Up Southwest Florida ( - don’t do it.

It’s better to release your blog post to different social media platforms over the course of a week. Each time you repost to a new site, take a different quote out of the content and use it for a lead. Why? Each platform has its own dynamics; therefore, it is more beneficial to post on a certain day at an exact time. Also, Facebook has a unique following compared to those on Twitter and versus those who use LinkedIn.

Each one also features a way to preschedule blog posts, if not, whichever site you’re using to write and post your blog should have a calendar function where you can set which day, what time and which social media outlet to use. If you have the finances, you can also hire someone to take control of your social media presence, including posting your blog posts. While you provide the content, your social media person can schedule all the blog posts, let you know how well they reached the targeted audience, and if there any comments from your followers for you to address.

So, as you spend some time thinking about which topics to blog about, and adding that creative spin to each, also take the time to figure out where and when you should post your blog over the following seven days. Then you can enjoy seeing that you reached a greater number of your audience and were able to share some advice with them.

Happy posting!

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