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Why I Do What I Do

Last month I had the pleasure of spending some time in one of my favorite spots – Block Island, RI. One of my “must visits” while I’m there is the Southeast Lighthouse. Early in the morning, I’m alone except one lone jogger passing by, there is a slight breeze coming across from the ocean and a few birds in flight. Although built in 1875, it still looks as pristine as perhaps the day it first shone its navigational beacon onto the waters below. I can only imagine the sights this majestic tower has seen. Being a history buff my mind wanders to a time long before technology and automobiles. What was life like for the Lighthouse Keeper? Keeping the tower lit, growing your own food, and living often in solitaire. Why did they do what they did? Why choose such a career?

The question brings me around to why do I do what I do? Why do I take the time to read other people's writing? Why do I invest my time and my knowledge into helping other people create their stories their books their novels?

In part, it's because I was brought up to always share whatever knowledge you have with others. It's also because being a writer myself and having that thrill of your first book published and your first book signing is something that I am passionate about sharing with others. The first time a publication gives you an awesome review, and getting postcards or letters or emails from readers saying how much they enjoyed your words is an experience I want to help other people accomplish.

Mostly for me it's about the excitement of writers when they talk about their story, about the characters they've created and have fallen in love with, it is sharing in that AHA moment when a researcher discovers a fact that has not yet been discovered or for so long has been obscure, it is having former clients call me and share with me how well they are doing on Amazon and at book signings and the giving presentations about their book and about writing.

I will leave this here and get back to reading and editing a couple of novels by a couple of writers that show very strong potential. They have the passion that is needed to be a writer, and their creativity will spark the interest of many once their words are published and publish I believe they will be. Until the next time, keep writing.

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