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When someone asks me, “What’s my favorite kind of baby book?” I respond, “One that exudes happiness!”

Animal Opposites does just that and more.

So many books designed for babies look like they were slapped together by a committee of adults who don’t seem to know anything about the stages of childhood (think of the books publishers in the movie Elf ). Why would you give your baby dribble when you can give them bold, bright, and beautiful?

Meet Jane Cabrera, who either by instinct or careful study knows what your baby is pining for. An interactive book with large images, uncomplicated backdrops, and a feeling of “I can do all by myself” as they lift the flaps where the opposites are cleverly hidden. Along with other sweetly drawn animals, your little one will meet a smiling, wet octopus and when they lift the dazzling sun flap, they’ll discover a dry mouse peacefully sailing in his boat. My favorite spread shows a stunning red fox in the dark forest and when you open the tent flaps you encounter a cute hedgehog inside (who doesn’t love hedgehogs) holding a lantern emitting light.

With its vibrant palette Animal Opposites captivated me from the start and I purchased several copies for my granddaughters. Eager to find out more about Cabrera’s distinct style I visited her website and discovered she designs all of her books. From the illustrations and hand typography to layout and novelty aspects, she does it all. The end result? A gorgeously crafted board book masterpiece. Quite an accomplishment when you consider that in the publishing industry each aspect of a picture book is generally specialized.

Talent and background (she studied graphic design at Art College) serves her well but I believe there’s more to it than that. When a person is doing what they are meant to do, joy shines through. Lucky for us we get to reap the benefits of her creations. Having published fifty-seven books and counting, I look forward to discovering and sharing her other works with you.

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