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The #1 mystery for all authors-to-be

Every person who ever wanted to be an author had to first unravel the #1 mystery of book creation. That mystery is this: How do I actually write my book?

I had one author come to me with a cardboard box. Everything he found on his subject was in that box, and he’d been collecting pieces of information for years. But you know what, I was able to help him make a book out of what was inside that cardboard box!

Another author recorded herself in an interview setting, another had recorded his sermons, another had actually typed it out on a computer, and another handed me a 12” stack of notes. In each case, we had a book in a few short months.

Have you figured out the #1 mystery?

The answer to the “How do I actually write my book?” dilemma is easier than it may seem. The secret to unraveling the #1 mystery of book creation … is to force yourself to do whatever works for you.

This two-part formula of Force + Whatever Works For You works flawlessly, but you have to make it happen yourself.

Example #1: Let’s say Betty is one of those people who loves to type and can think while she pecks at the keyboard. Obviously, the answer for her is to sit down and write her book directly into her computer. However, her natural tendency is to be busy with other things, to be tired or distracted, or to find something else more exciting to do. Betty needs to apply FORCE to her ability and she’ll be done in no time.

Example #2: John, on the other hand, hates to write, can’t spell, and has a constant case of writer’s block. He’s stuck … but he loves to talk. The answer for him is to get a recorder, or a friend who will listen and record him, and to talk it out. Make an outline of points to cover, and then FORCE himself to talk through each point. From there, his book is ready to be transcribed, edited, and he’ll have his book.

Example #3: Mike, a pastor I worked with recently, was too busy to write a book, but he had recorded a 7-CD sermon series. I took those CDs, transcribed them, edited his text, and fed him his book, chapter by chapter. Within weeks, he was seeing his book take shape, and in a couple of months, his book was done.

Whatever you like to do, whatever works for you, THAT is the answer. Do NOT for a second try to force yourself to do what you do not want to do. You’ll never finish your book that way. Stop!

Instead, choose the approach you like, apply Force through your own discipline or accountability with a friend, and your book will appear in front of you!

And in so doing you will have solved the #1 mystery of book creation.

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