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Kathleen "Kat" Jacobs


Kathleen grew up in Boston and moved to Southwest Florida in 2005 where she found employment at a swamp (literally). Although she loved working for the National Audubon Society and having alligators as co-workers, she took a leap of faith in 2015 and left the swamp to work for JWC Publishing.

Because Kathleen decided not to be the knitting kind of grandmother, she followed her passion and writes children’s stories in which her grandchildren are the main characters. With nine granddaughters (all under the age of six) this keeps her fairly busy. Along with children's stories she enjoys writing horror but as a general rule tries not to mix up the two.

Kathleen feels a writer should never stop learning and continues to explore new genres. Despite her full schedule, she is always thrilled to help emerging writers. In 2020, she came in second place in the Writer's Digest Annual Writing Contest in the Spiritual/Religous category.

Kathleen "Kat" Jacobs
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