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ABCs of Writing

Let’s face it, when it comes to writing there can be more rules than we will ever know. There’s rules about grammar, advice on formatting, “how–to” guidance on writing fiction, and the “do’s” and “don’ts” of non–fiction, just to name a few.

The following list is a fun and quick look at the ABCs of writing, not necessarily rules of writing.

A – Always write!

B – Balance. Make sure to balance your writing life with exercise, family time, and time for yourself.

C – Creative. Be as creative as you can. The easy method is the “what if” scenario.

D – Deadline. Set a deadline for your writing goals.

E – Edit. You need a professional editor to review your writing prior to being published.

F – Follow through. When you set a writing goal, follow through on it. Whether it’s a word count or querying an agent. Do it!

G – Groups. Writing groups that is. Join a writing group where you can learn more about the craft of writing and also get your work critiqued.

H – Happiness. Think of the happiness you’ll experience once your book is complete.

I – Involved. Get involved with a writing community in your area or online or both.

J – Just…see letter K.

K – Keep Writing!

L – Love. Love what you do, which we hope is writing.

M – Make an impact. A book can change your life, impact the world, and multiply your business. So, what’s your story?

N – Notes. Always jot down notes about your story as they come to you, either on paper, your computer, or record them on your phone.

O – Original. Be original. It’s perfectly fine to be inspired by other writers, but don’t copy them or try to be like them. Be yourself.

P – Plotting or pantsing. Whether you’re a plotter (using an outline) or a pantser (writing by the seat of your pants as the story comes to you), keep writing!

Q – Quit. NEVER!

R – Read. Every writer will tell you that reading is a part of the writing process. But don’t just read, study as you read. Pick up on why the author wrote things in a certain way or style.

S – Share. Don’t be shy about sharing your writing, particularly with other writers, and get some feedback.

T – Timing. Be sure to pace yourself. Don’t try writing for ten hours a day. You’ll only burn out and your writing won’t be as productive as you’d like it to be.

U – Understand. You must understand that writing takes time and no writer is done after writing the first draft of anything.

V – Variety. Don’t be shy about trying to write in different genres or going from non-fiction to fiction.

W – Write! Every day, write!

X – Xaroncharo. An adjective meaning brilliant, evil, and insane. Welcome to the world of being a writer.

Y – Yes! Imagine how a “yes” from an agent or publisher will sound.

Z – zzzzz – take a nap. A quick snooze can bring about new ideas and it will also give you a fresh look at what you’re currently working on.

There you have it. The simple ABCs of writing!

Thanks for reading our blog! If you have any questions about writing, editing, or getting published, either comment below or send an email. Please “like” us on Facebook. If you enjoyed this blog post and got some value from it, please share it—it’s the best way to thank us! Keep Writing!

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